How to Enabled HTTP/2 with EasyApache 4


Recently I updated my server to enable HTTP/2 via mod_http2 from EasyApache 4 and the results are amazing, this has been something I have kept my eye on for quite some time. So now I will show you how to update your server and you too can benefit from HTTP/2.

Note! This tutorial assumes you are using at least WHM version 66 and EasyApache 4 as that is what is installed on my server at the time of writing.
Alert! you should be aware that not all browsers support HTTP/2 and some don’t support it unless your site uses HTTPS. However HTTP/2 is backwards compatible, so browsers that don’t support it will fallback to HTTP/1.1.


Table of Contents


Step1-Enabled HTTP/2 with EasyApache 4

Navigate to EasyApache 4 and select Customize from Currently Installed Packages.

Step 2 — select Apache Modules

On the next screen select Apache Modules and search for mod_http2 then toggle the option to enable it.

Step 3 — After enabling mod_http2

After enabling mod_http2 select Review and then Provision your build.

After the build has provisioned you can test your site with the network tab via the browsers Developer Tools


Checking for HTTP/2 Headers



In the Protocol tab you should see HTTP/2 represented as h2.


The benefits of HTTP/2 should not be underestimated. If your site is busy or has lots of assets then you should see some significant gains in performance.

But if like me, you have a fairly small blog and just love really fast websites, then go now and enable it and basque in the enhanced speed and performance.

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